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Houston Glass and Antique Show 2013

We just finished 3 days of the Houston Glass and Antique Show at the Fort Bend County Fair Grounds.  What fun!  We were in the 'antique' building and the folks with the elegant and depression glass were in the glass building.  People were finding treasures!  It is so much fun to see someone find something that they grew up with or that their grandparents had.  And what a treat to find a replacement for that chipped china plate you love so much.  

In photo number 1, you'll see a chalkware statue of Jesus, OLD brass candlesticks and some jade grapes.  Do you know what those white things are in photo 2?  They are vintage food 'cloches'!  What a great way to keep the bugs off of your picnic.  They just don't make 'em like that anymore. 

Finally, have you ever seen a 'boudoir' or bed doll?  She is all dressed up but never leaves the bed!  This  little tart has a taffeta dress, beauty mark, ruby red lips and fingernails and high heels painted on her feet.  She is probably dated pre-deco era. She is a composite sawdust doll.  Very cool!

We will be giveing and estate sale in West Houston in late August (more later) and at the Cat Springs Antique show in September.  That is always a good show.  We'll have lots of new things.  See you there!

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