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Glendale CA. treasure hunt was successful!

I just got back from a wonderful trip to sunny California to visit family.  It had been too long!  While there, I decided to find a few estate sales and boy did I!  I stayed in Glendale and found a wonderful housefull just around the corner.  I will be adding some photos of my 'goodies' very soon.  I just wish I had been able to get all of the treasures that I wanted.  After deciding to bring a large suitcase just incase, I broke my first rule and had to ship a box.  Sheesh.  I seen to have no boundaries when I find a good deal!

This is a stunning 'banana boat' made by O'hara Glass Co. out of PA.  This pattern is called chandelier and was DISCONTINUED in 1885!  This is a really OLD piece of glass.  It will end up for sale at my next show.  In the mean time, I will buy some bananas and enjoy it for a bit.  Til next time, I've GOTCHA COVERED!

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