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Weekend Warrior

Well, this weekend was a picker's extravaganza!  I set out to go to an estate sale that was advertised as a 'demo'.  That means the house will be torn down and EVERYTHING is for sale.  Light fixtures, doors, you name it, it was available.  I went to the garage first, as usual, looking for old Christmas items and tools.  BINGO!  I found some vintage retro fabric on bolts and a couple of tools I can use here at the house.  

On the way home, there was a garage sale just doors down from me.  Remember back in the day when there were little wooden kitchens in the kindergarten room?  Usually a stove and fridge, maybe more.  Well, BINGO again!  This couple's 17 year old daughter had long outgrown the set her parents had bought from a retiring school teacher.  A little cleaning up and they should be right as rain!  I added the yellow sink.  Til next time, Happy Picking!

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